Y1 Maths: Solve 1 step addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representation.

Resources needed:

  • Plain white label type stickers
  • Small items such as fruit, bricks and toys (enough for one per child)
  1. Using the stickers, give each item a value of 0 to 20 (depending on the ability level of the class). Seat the children in a circle and give each of them an item.
  2. Call out two children whose items have different values. Ask the children what is the total value of their items. Repeat this several times. Repeat using three or more children at once.
  3. Now have all children seated again and ask them to place their item so that its value is easily seen by the rest of the group. Ask the class to identify some of the following:
  • two items with a total of…
  • three items with a total of…
  • four items with a total of…
  • two items with a difference of…
  • two pairs of items with the same value
  • an item with a value which is half of…
  • an item with a value which is double…
  1. Ask the children to come up with some problems which follow this idea. Encourage them to think about using addition or subtraction in their problems. If appropriate, allocate a particular number operation to a group of children and ask them to use it in their problem.
  2. If there is time, let each group of children use their items to generate as many different problems as possible, for example car + car + car = ? or the difference between apple and banana and so on.
  3. To finish off, ask the children to hold their item with its value clearly visible and then find a partner. The total of their item and their partners should be: more than ten/even/odd…

Further Activities:

Give the children pictures of some of the items and let them cut and stick to make their own ‘worksheets’

Curriculum Areas covered:

Ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value.

Solve one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations

Math Curriculum Resources: