Weather and Seasons

07 Aug 2018

Identifying the Weather and Seas...

  Activity: Identify different weather and name the seasons. Resources needed: Weather bingo cards (one per child), counters, 4 large pieces of sugar paper (one each for spring, summer, autumn and winter) Have a brief discussion about the weather – who likes going out in the rain? What do we […]

03 Aug 2018

Different Ways To Make A Watercy...

Different ways to make a water cycle All living things need water, as is an essential part of life. Earth has a limited amount of water, but it is continually recycled. The water cycle has four stages: Evaporation Energy from the sun heats up rivers, lakes and the ocean causing […]

31 Jul 2018

How Animals Stay Warm

Animals that live in cold environments are specially adapted to cope with the extreme conditions. Arctic wolves for example have a thick fur undercoat and shorter ears, nose and legs than wolves who live in warmer climates.Some animals huddle together in groups (which is also a useful form of protection […]

09 Dec 2015

Learning about the Weather: 6 Fu...

The weather informs many of our daily decisions, and is a great topic for encouraging varied and interesting scientific enquiry as well as understanding a range of scientific concepts including light, seasons and states of matter. While the weather is generally seen on a very large scale, we can recreate […]

01 Sep 2015

How to Make a Rainbow

Learn how to make a rainbow with this fun learning activity for KS1 and KS2 children to learn about light and the weather. Make a real rainbow with a hosepipe If you have a hosepipe that can make a fine mist of water ( or a spray bottle ) you […]

14 Aug 2015

Exploring Rainbows and Prisms

How to Make a Rainbow Did you know the light around us (usually from the sun, but also from the lights in our house) is made from a mixture of different coloured light? White light as it is called is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. […]

02 Jun 2015

How to Make a Barometer

This activity shows you how to make an aneroid barometer which uses air to measure atmospheric pressure. Generally, high air pressure is an indication of good weather while low air pressure is an indicator of bad weather, so a barometer is a useful tool for predicting changes in weather.   […]