Under The Sea

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27 Jun 2019

How to Make a Paper Bowl Jellyfi...

What you will need: Paper Bowls Pearlescent Paint Wiggly Eyes Ribbons Crepe Paper Glue Cotton String Tape Scissors Steps:1. Paint the underside of the paper bowl then leave to dry.2. Once it’s completely dry, glue down some wiggly eyes.3. Make a hole in the top of the bowl and thread […]

17 Feb 2016

Sweet Shop Science: Chocolate De...

Coloured sugar-coated chocolates are great for exploring changes in water density. As well as being fun and tasty, they can be used to understand many naturally occurring phenomena, including the ocean currents. This experiment can be performed by a wide range of age and ability groups, with the science behind […]

16 Jul 2015

Fun Phonics - Under the Sea

Our Under the Sea phonics play combines literacy with water for a fun way for children to learn while they splash around. Adding phonics pebbles to a tray of water gives children the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the sounds and practice saying and blending them. For our Under the Sea phonics […]

24 Jun 2015

Under the Sea Classroom Display

Under the Sea is a popular choice for primary topics, with plenty of great learning opportunities and the chance to creative a really vibrant Under the Sea classroom display. Our classroom display was created using a variety of art and craft projects for a fun and eye catching result to […]

12 Jun 2015

10 Under the Sea Art and Craft I...

Under the Sea is a popular topic for EYFS and KS1. These fun art and craft activities offer a great opportunity to get creative whilst learning about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. They can also be combined in a wall display or for a colourful background to […]

04 Jun 2015

7 Paper Plate Fish Crafts

Paper plates are inexpensive and versatile to use for a range of craft activities. These fun paper plate fish crafts are easy to make and are great additions to an ocean themed classroom display or room. Pastel Coloured Glitter Fish Pastel coloured paints and glitter glue was used to paint and […]

13 May 2015

8 Ideas for Under the Sea Small ...

Small world play has so many opportunities for learning for preschool children from story telling and increasing their understanding of the world by learning and talking about the animals, objects and habitats that they are playing with to experimenting with the properties of different materials. It is also a chance […]

11 May 2015

DIY Under the Sea Discovery Bott...

Our DIY Under the Sea Discovery bottles are not only great fun for children to play with, they are also an interesting way for children to learn more about the properties of water and to relate this to a marine environment and the world around them. These discovery bottles are […]

11 May 2015

How to Make a Paper Bowl Jellyfi...

If you are studying an under the sea or ocean theme this term, these paper bowl jellyfish are great fun to make and are great for hanging from the ceiling or adding to a classroom display. They are also quick and easy to make, a great little art project for […]