02 Oct 2015

Phonics – Decoding for Superheroes

Decoding for superheroes is a fun phonics activity for reception and early KS1/ Primary 1-2 children to not only practice phonics but also to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to decode superhero messages and save the world. A range of different words can be included in the superhero messages depending on […]

01 Sep 2016

Superhero Pictures to Ignite Sup...

These superhero pictures are a fun way to inspire children to develop and use their super powers for the new term ahead. They can be used for wall displays or to decorate exercise book covers with goals for the term ahead. They can also be used to inspire imaginative storytelling. You […]

04 Jul 2016

Creating Myths with Superheroes

photo credit Make myths fun in your classroom with your pupils’ favourite superheroes! An easy way for children to understand the relation between myths and their role as a genre is by connecting popular film or comic book characters to those which originate from Greek, Norse Roman or Egyptian myths. […]

31 Mar 2016

Superhero Reading Den

Children love superhero games and creating a superhero reading den is a fun way to inspire enthusiasm for reading in foundation stage and KS1. This activity can also be linked to PHSE with discussions about superheroes and their positive characteristics and behaviour. Even superheroes need to rest sometimes and this superhero […]

26 Feb 2016

Superhero Bookmarks

  Using a superheroes theme can be a great way to engage children in a number of important topics, including literacy. Superheroes can inspire interest and imagination, helping to develop a whole range of skills in the classroom. In this activity, we are making superhero themed bookmarks. This is a […]

04 Jan 2016

5 Fun Superhero Ideas for Teache...

Introducing Superheroes ideas into the classroom is a great way to encourage creativity and bring any number of important topics to life. Below, we’ve brought together some of the best Superhero ideas for teachers to use in the classroom, from individual experiments and projects, to an extended theme running over […]