05 Sep 2016

Create a Lunar Landscape

This fun art and craft activity gives children the chance to get creative by making their own lunar landscape and the aliens that could live there. There are lots of opportunities for them to let their imagination run wild and build communication skills when working as a team. To create […]

14 Jul 2016

EYFS Maths with a Space Theme

Looking for EYFS maths ideas for your space topic? How about making a small world area with the focus on mathematical problem solving? To complete this EYFS maths activity you will need: Tuff tray, table or other suitable surface. This could be covered in foil or fabric. Sand Stones (moon […]

17 Jun 2016

Moon Buggies: STEM for EYFS

This fun STEM activity for early years and reception children gives provides lots of opportunities for communication and experiment as well as learning about the the surface of the moon and designing their own moon buggy. You will need… KiD K’NeX Vehicles Kit A large floor space A ramp – […]

16 May 2016

Exploring Orbit with Movement: A...

This fun activity uses movement to help children to understand how the moon and earth move in relation to the sun. Whilst it links particularly well to the curriculum for KS2, it is also a great learning opportunity for children of all ages particularly those working on a space topic. What is orbit? […]

09 May 2016

Do Aliens Exist? A Mini Debate f...

Introduce your class to debating with this simple activity for upper KS2. This is a quick and easy format for a mini debate that can be set up with minimal resources. It is very flexible and great for beginning to build debating skills. To complete this activity you will need: […]