Significant Events

21 Oct 2019

Do you know what 'No Pens Day We...

Did you know it’s No Pens Day Wednesday on the 13th November? No Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools and settings to put down their pens and run a day of speaking and listening activities.

08 Aug 2018

KS1 History: The Great Fire of L...

  Resources needed: Lots of small pieces of red, orange and yellow tissue paper.   Sit the children in 4 or 5 rows, with about 5 or 6 children in each row (depending on the size of the class). Ensure that each child is far enough away from the next […]

07 Aug 2018

Understanding Who Rosa Parks Was

Activity: Understanding Who Rosa Parks Was Resources needed: Badges Stickers or rosettes which say ‘special’ – one for every child. Pictures of Rosa Parks (one per child)   As the children enter the class, direct all those with brown eyes to their seats and send all other children to sit […]

07 Aug 2018

Learn About Florence Nightingale

  Resources needed: Pictures of Florence Nightingale (ordinarily dressed and in nurses’ uniform) Picture of Scutari/modern day hospital Whiteboards and pens   Show a picture of Florence Nightingale (using Google Images or similar) and establish with the children the ear in which she lived, based on what they can see […]

07 Aug 2018

Why Do We Have Remembrance Day?

  Exploring the Conditions During the War   Resources needed: Red tissue Black card Paper Glue Lolly sticks Pictures of poppies Show some (carefully selected) archive footage of lives in the First and Second world War – try to show as many different aspects as possible, from the trenches to […]

03 Aug 2018

Investigating Earthquakes

    The Earth is made up of massive pieces of rock known as tectonic plates. Tectonic plates move very slowly. We call the areas where tectonic plates meet faults. When tectonic plates rub against each other we feel the energy created as an earthquake. The power of an earthquake […]