08 Aug 2018

KS2 French: Greetings and Saying...

    Resources needed: Flash cards saying ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ and ‘Comment t’appelles-tu?   Have the children seated on the carpet or altogether in an area. Leave the room, calling ‘Au revoir!’ as you do so. Re-enter the room, calling ‘Bonjour!’ Do this a couple of times (use a […]

07 Aug 2018

KS2 French - Counting to 10

  Resources: Number lines for each child, paper and pencils, Smartboard or laptop Greet the whole class with: ‘Bonjour!’ or ‘Salut!’ and encourage them to respond. Look at ‘Une Chanson des Chiffres’ (A Number Song) at: Watch through once and then again, encouraging the children to join in if […]