Mother’s Day

17 Feb 2016

Mother’s Day Poems: Literacy for KS1 and KS2

Writing Mother’s Day Poems to include within a Mother’s Day card is a fun way to incorporate literacy for KS1 and KS2 into an activity to celebrate this traditional spring event. This could be a short verse (rhyming or non-rhyming), an acrostic poem or a shape poem in the form of […]

19 Mar 2020

Felt Floral Craft Ideas for Moth...

These felt flowers are perfect for Mother’s Day. Simple to craft, easily differentiated and a number of ways to finish them off.

09 Feb 2016

Mother's Day Clay Hand Craft

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for young children, and this clay hand craft offers them the chance to add a personal touch to the celebration. Using just a few basic materials, this activity will encourage your children’s creative side and make some very proud mums! Our short guide is simple to follow […]

08 Feb 2016

Mother's Day Garland Craft

Making a Mother’s Day garland is a great way for children to show appreciation of their mums on this special day. This simple design produces an effective and colourful decorative craft, perfect for displaying at home. Great for hanging on a wall, and adaptable to the age and abilities of your children, […]

01 Feb 2016

Mother's Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day is a really special occasion for mothers and their children. Children love making their cards almost as much as their mums enjoy receiving them. Get some inspiration from fun and creative cards for children to make and take home this Mother’s Day. To make your Mother’s Day cards, […]