07 Jul 2015

7 Ideas for Sensory Play with Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a firm favourite amongst most children and playing with them can provide lots of fun learning opportunities from developing language skills to sensory experiences and understanding the world. Here are 7 of our favourite ideas for sensory play with dinosaurs: A Dinosaur Garden Dinosaurs can live in their own […]

07 Aug 2018

KS1: Dinosaurs

Tally and Create a Dinosaur Pictogram Resources needed: Dinosaur pictures Paper Glue sticks Scissors Pencils   Show the children some pictures of five different kinds of dinosaur and ask of anyone knows their names. Look at the different features of each dinosaur and talk about how long ago they roamed […]

26 Apr 2016

Process Art with a Dinosaur Crea...

The creation of a Dinosaur Creation Station allows children to get imaginative (and messy!) with some child led process art focusing on the ever popular theme, Dinosaurs. The ‘creation station’ provides children with a messy area with a mix of different materials needed to create their own dinosaur images before […]

22 Jul 2015

Investigating Dinosaur Bones

A Dinosaur topic is a great opportunity to take children on a prehistoric journey that covers art, craft, science, maths and much more. Our fun activity to discover and investigate Dinosaur bones will also create discussion and the chance for role play being on an archeological dig or at a museum. […]