09 Oct 2020

Halloween Craft Activities

These Halloween craft activities are perfect for an afternoon of fun crafting. Why not set up the activities at different stations around your classroom and let children explore and get creative! Spook-takular Paper Plates Paper plates are the perfect craft resource and can be used for so many creative activities. […]

04 Nov 2019

How to Make a Pine Cone Squirrel

Ahhh autumn – what’s not to love? We get to dig out our cosy clothes and enjoy delicious, hand warming beverages infused with our favourite seasonal spices. Not to forget the earthy autumn air and the soothing sound of crunching leaves beneath our feet.

07 Oct 2019

Create a Spooktacular Skull for ...

With the spookiest season just around the corner, get your students in the spirit with this affordable 4 step Paper Mache Skull craft idea.

27 Jun 2019

How to Make a Paper Bowl Jellyfi...

What you will need: Paper Bowls Pearlescent Paint Wiggly Eyes Ribbons Crepe Paper Glue Cotton String Tape Scissors Steps:1. Paint the underside of the paper bowl then leave to dry.2. Once it’s completely dry, glue down some wiggly eyes.3. Make a hole in the top of the bowl and thread […]

08 Aug 2018

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and St...

KS1 Art: Learn about a range of artists and link to work on stained glass artwork Activity: Charles Rennie Mackintosh Resources needed: Coloured pencil crayons Black felt tipped pens Coloured tissue paper Black paint PVA glue Acetate or thick plastic sheet Information sources about both artists and their work.   […]

08 Aug 2018

KS1 History: The Great Fire of L...

  Resources needed: Lots of small pieces of red, orange and yellow tissue paper.   Sit the children in 4 or 5 rows, with about 5 or 6 children in each row (depending on the size of the class). Ensure that each child is far enough away from the next […]

07 Aug 2018

Make a Windmill

Resources needed: Square of coloured paper Push pin Pencil with eraser end Stapler   Show the children some pictures of windmills and discuss the common design features: they must be light enough to turn in the breeze, the sail part should be big enough to catch the wind, the pivot […]

07 Aug 2018

Making Papier-Mâché Birds

  Resources needed: Strips of newspaper White glue Thin wire Masking tape Paints Paint brushes.       Ask the children if they can think of any names of birds they might see in their garden (be ready for some surprising answers!) How many of those mentioned have the children […]

07 Aug 2018

KS1 Art: Fantasy Creatures

To use drawing, painting, sculpture and imagination! Resources needed: Popular children’s fiction books Masking tape Newspaper Cardboard Coloured paper Junk modelling materials Papier-mâché Wire String       Look at some fantasy creatures from children’s fiction, such as ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘The Grinch’ or ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. Point […]