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Introducing Superheroes ideas into the classroom is a great way to encourage creativity and bring any number of important topics to life. Below, we’ve brought together some of the best Superhero ideas for teachers to use in the classroom, from individual experiments and projects, to an extended theme running over a period of weeks.

What’s the Best Material for a Superhero Cape?

This idea from Science Sparks uses the Superhero topic to introduce an investigation into the properties of different materials. An exciting outdoor learning opportunity, this is a great way to encourage children to consider, plan, and measure the results of an experiment, in a systematic and scientific way. In measuring the effectiveness of each material, the class can develop basic understanding of the requirements of a consistent, fair test and arrive at conclusions as to the properties of the perfect super hero cape!


Free the Superheroes Topic

Superheroes don’t have to be confined to individual lessons, as this extended idea from Rock My Classroom demonstrates. A series of tasks, around the theme of ‘The Joker’ kidnapping our favourite Super Heroes, are set for children to complete over a few weeks in the hope of freeing releasing the captives. This is a really flexible theme, around which you can mould any number of activities with no end to the fun you and your class can have. Some of the examples used include unlocking padlocks with maths, using literacy to shoot baddies, and designing and building traps to catch The Joker.


Superhero Maths Game: Catch a Villain

Be a Superhero and capture some evil villains in this great activity from Inspiration Laboratories. This simple maths game is perfect for practising basic addition, and can easily be tweaked to aid the learning of other mathematical processes such as multiplication. Easy to set up and play, you can tailor the game to target specific areas to work on, as well as altering its difficulty to suit your audience.


Phonics – Decoding for Superheroes

Here is another great way of spicing up literacy, by encouraging your class to use their skills to decode hidden messages and save the world! Reception & Early KS1 children are needed to practice their phonics in an effort to rescue the town’s kidnapped mayor, uncovering messages from the kidnapper and revealing his location. There are also a number of additional literacy tasks, such as writing a letter demanding the Mayor’s release, which allow you to challenge and stretch different ability groups in the class.


Superhero School – Learning Activities

This idea from No Time for Flash Cards demonstrates just how flexible this topic is. Younger children can use these simple activities to work on fine motor skills, counting and writing all in the role of an important Superhero. With a simple idea for rewarding your children once completed, this simple set of games is easy to set up, and sure to generate a positive reaction from all involved!

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