Process art

The creation of a Dinosaur Creation Station allows children to get imaginative (and messy!) with some child led process art focusing on the ever popular theme, Dinosaurs. The ‘creation station’ provides children with a messy area with a mix of different materials needed to create their own dinosaur images before letting their creativity run wild!

dinosaur painting

Included within our Dinosaur Creation Station are:

Through using a different selection of media, or techniques, allows children to create their own image that has come straight from their imagination. The key to this activity’s success is not giving the child any type of prior impression of what the end result will be so it really lets their own creativity run free. For example paint could be applied in a range of different ways from brushes, rollers, stencils to finger painting. Different textures and colours could be built up to create something individual and unique.

Dinosaur printing

<h2>Process Art</h2>

This activity provides the perfect example of process art where the primary focus is to focus on the process of creation rather than the end product. Through using and experimenting with various tools and media allows the child to showcase their own self-expression through the creative journey. This activity also helps to develop other skills including communication by explaining their own choices and the cause and effect of seeing how things work.

Dinosaur creation station picture

<h2>EYFS goals supported by the Dinosaur Creation Station:</h2>

ELG04 Physical Development: Moving and Handling: Through using different tools and equipment will allow the child to develop their co-ordination and fine motor skills
ELG06 Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness: Children’s confidence will increase through discussing their ideas with adults or other children
ELG14 Understanding the World: The World: The child can discuss their pictures to their current environments and other living things, EG: where do dinosaurs live and what do they eat?
ELG16 Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and Using Different Materials: Children can select their chosen materials to create their own Dinosaur picture
ELG17 Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative: The child can use different materials in their own way to create a unique picture that shows their own thoughts and ideas.

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