Classroom Ideas

30 Sep 2019

Diwali Celebrations – Creating Diwali Tea Lights

Diwali celebrations are all about vibrant colours, eye-popping fireworks and pretty twinkling lights. Why not celebrate Diwali with this easy craft idea suitable for Upper KS2 children.

07 Aug 2018

Understanding Contours

  Contour lines on maps represent points of the same height. A figure is usually given within each line to show the height of the land. Contour lines are used to give 3-dimensional information on 2-dimensional maps. If a person travels between two contour lines there will be change of […]

07 Aug 2018

Static Electricity

  Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your jumper and then stuck it to a wall? Or touched a metal object like a car door or shopping trolley and felt a sharp shock in your hand? Does your hair stand up on end when you pull on a polyester […]

03 Aug 2018

Investigating Earthquakes

    The Earth is made up of massive pieces of rock known as tectonic plates. Tectonic plates move very slowly. We call the areas where tectonic plates meet faults. When tectonic plates rub against each other we feel the energy created as an earthquake. The power of an earthquake […]

03 Aug 2018

Dissecting Plants

Dissecting Plants This easy activity helps children learn to identify the different parts of a flower to discover their function. Dissecting a flower allows children to easily examine the different parts in a hands-on manner, making it an engaging and fun activity. For Key Stage 2 children this can be […]

03 Aug 2018

How To Make A Drawing Robot

How to make a Drawing Robot       Drawing Robots use small electric motors to move. The motor is powered by a battery and spins if the circuit is complete. To make a drawing robot move you just need to add something to the end of the motor which […]

03 Aug 2018

Different Ways To Make A Watercy...

Different ways to make a water cycle All living things need water, as is an essential part of life. Earth has a limited amount of water, but it is continually recycled. The water cycle has four stages: Evaporation Energy from the sun heats up rivers, lakes and the ocean causing […]

03 Aug 2018

Play Dough Circuits

    Did you know ordinary shop bought play dough conducts electricity? This makes it a great alternative to fiddly wires and a wonderful, hands-on low cost way to learn about electricity and circuits. All you need is play dough, a battery pack, wires and some LEDs. Conductive play dough […]

03 Aug 2018

Make A Bird Feeder

    Making bird feeders is a great activity for children of all ages and a wonderful way to enthuse them about wildlife, think about habitats and start to appreciate how changes in weather affect birds and other animals. Birds are most in need of extra food in winter, but […]