With Halloween getting closer day by day, you don’t need to bust your budget buying new craft materials for the occasion. You only need 4 things for this activity, and we guarantee you’ll be able to locate them somewhere around your school, if not the classroom!  

So have some Halloween fun making these glow in the dark ghosts, suitable for KS1 children and above.

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Turn the cup upside down.

Step 2. Pinch the side of the cup. Cut two slits in the pinch to create a diagonal hole big enough for the tea light to slot in.

Step 3. You can add the tea light candle now, but we found it easier to draw the face first.

Step 4. Use your marker to decorate the cup.

Step 5. If you haven’t already, slide the tea light in to place through the hole from the inside of the cup.

How to Make a Light Up Ghost
Light Up Halloween Ghosts.