These felt flowers are perfect for Mother’s Day! They are simple to craft, easily differentiated and there’s a number of ways to finish them off – you can really allow children to get creative. We used inspiration from Marimekko designs and we love how they turned out!

You will need:

1. Take your card or paper and draw your flower shapes. For our flowers we chose at least three shapes for each design.

2. Pin your card templates on to your felt. Carefully cut around the shapes. You will need two of your biggest flower design and one of each of the rest.

3. Create your stem. Take a modelling stick (or lolly pop stick) and wrap two different colour pipe cleaners around it.

4. Take one of your biggest flower shapes and place on a flat surface. Using the PVA and spreader apply glue to the felt. Next, get your stem and lay in the centre of your flower about ¾ of the way up. Take your other flower shape, carefully line it up and smooth them together.

5. Place glue on the back of your next flower shape and stick down, repeat for as many flower shapes as you have chosen to make!

6. Add a button to the centre of your flower.

Extra Ideas/Differentiation:

Keyrings: Not keen on the stems? Why not turn these flowers into a keyring? Loop wool or yarn in between the large felt shapes and attach a keyring.

Hanging decoration: Plait or weave some yarn to create a pretty loop.

Fridge Magnet: Add a magnet to the back, easy peasy!

Turn your flower into a card: Add a card plant pot and leaf with personalised message then write something lovely inside.