Father’s Day is a great time for children to show how much they love their dads by making them a lovely card. Here are some of our Father’s day card ideas including something to suit primary school children of all ages.

Fathers Day card

Daddy Bunting

Daddy bunting is easy to make by cutting letters from coloured paper and decorating with shapes and glitter. The letters can be punched and threaded on to string or ribbon and carefully put into an envelope for a fun alternative to a card on Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Card Idea

Shirt Cards

To make these cards simply fold  piece of white or coloured card in two and cut out the shape of a shirt. Shirts can then be decorated in whatever style you choose by adding patterns, ties, buttons or braces.

Hedgehog father day card



Fathers Day 4a


Crab print


Fathers Day Hand and Finger Prints

For little ones hand and finger print cards are a good opportunity to get messy whilst creating something unique and personal. Hand or finger can be dipped into ready mix paint to create these creatures on coloured card before adding details, wiggly eyes and a personalised Father’s Day message.

Have you got any good ideas for Father’s Day? Please share with us below.

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