For Christians, Easter is the most important celebration of the year – a time to be thankful and joyful because Jesus was born again. 

Whatever our beliefs, we can all celebrate this special season with our children and help them understand that Easter is about much more than chocolate!

As Spring is getting going, there is an optimism in the air and a feeling that this year, more than any other, life really is about to start anew.

Here are a few Easter activity suggestions taken from the free downloadable TTS activity booklet.

1. The Easter Story

The biblical Easter story can be a difficult one for younger children, but it is worth finding a version you are happy with. The TTS Easter booklet includes a gentle re-telling of the main events. There is also a template for children to order the story, to re-tell it in their own words, or simply to write their own stories about Easter.

Easter Story

2. Hot Cross Buns

There is not much that can top a toasted hot cross bun, with melted butter. (The thought is genuinely making my tummy rumble!) But do you know the history behind them, or the ingredients that are used to make them?

Find out all about hot cross buns in the Easter booklet.

If making them is too tricky, why not have a good look at some of the ingredients, including the spices; they are all explained. Children can see whether they recognise any of the smells and find out where they come from.

 Of course, you will need to taste some buns together as well!

Hot Cross Buns History

3. Chocolate Eggs

Did you know that there are approximately…

  • 64 million people in the UK
  • 5 million children in primary schools
  • And 90 million Easter eggs sold in the UK every year!!

That is an unimaginable number of eggs.

How many eggs do the children in your class receive?

Carry out a school survey. What is the approximate total number of eggs received in your school? What is the average per child?

Find out more incredible facts and learn about the history of chocolate eggs.

History of Chocolate Eggs

4. Decorate your own eggs

Use the template provided and look at examples of decorated eggs for inspiration.

Decorate real hard-boiled eggs and find out about the incredible Faberge eggs from Russia.

Easter Egg Template

5. Make your own Easter pictures and cards

Use these handy templates to design and make Easter-themed cards and pictures.

Easter Activity Template
Easter Card Template

A very Happy Easter from everyone at Consortium!