Get inspired with these egg-cellent Easter craft ideas from @create_make_and_play!

Kitchen Roll Art

Have you tried it? So simple and using resources you will have around the house!

All you need to do is let the children decorate the kitchen roll bunnies with felt tips or glitter pens, cut them out then use a spray bottle to wet the kitchen roll to blend the colours!

The perfect activity to keep your children busy this, Easter!

Chick Fork Painting

Use a fork and print using yellow paint to create your perfect Easter chicks!

Giving little ones a circular shape to follow enables them to be able to create the desired shape of the chick without having to overcome any hurdles or ask for help.

We used paint, feathers, wiggly eyes, felt tip pens and card to create these cute chicks. 

Easter Paint Pouring

Have you tried paint pouring before? It’s super satisfying!

What you need:

  • Ready mixed paint
  • Polystyrene eggs
  • Egg boxes
  • A cup
  • Toothpicks 

How to make: 

  1. Turn an egg box over and place toothpicks on each egg space.
  2. Push a polystyrene egg onto each toothpick. 
  3. Squeeze different coloured paint into a cup.
  4. Pour the paint on top of the eggs, making sure all the eggs are covered.
  5. Wait to dry and enjoy the amazing patterns.

Craft Tube Easter Printing

You will need paint, cardboard tubes, wiggly eyes, paintbrushes, pom poms and felt tip pens to create this super fun Easter painting.

To create the carrots:

  • Cut 6 lines about 2 cm long into one end of a cardboard tube. Make sure the cuts are about 2mm apart.
  • Then cut from the last line horizontally around the tube back to the first line.
  • Bend the 3 pieces of cardboard back to create the carrot greens.
  • Pinch the opposite end of the cardboard tube to create the carrot shape. 

For the rabbit:

  • Cut out two 1cm rings off one end of the cardboard tube.
  • Use these to create the bunny ears. Pinch them in half to form the shape. 
  • Use some glue to stick the ears to one end for the cardboard tube.

Butterfly Doily Craft 

What you need:

  • Tinfoil 
  • Felt tip pens
  • Water spray bottle
  • Doilies 
  • Pegs

How to make:

  1. Let the children draw all over the tinfoil.
  2. Spray the foil with water.
  3. Next press the doilies onto the foil making sure they absorb the water all over.
  4. Peel back the doily to see the colourful print.
  5. Fold the doily into quarters to create the wings. 
  6. Use a peg to put in the middle of the 2 folded doilies to create the butterfly.

Easter Egg Sponge Art

You will need pastel paint and paintbrushes to create this fab Easter craft.

How to create:

1. Cut out the egg shape from a compressed sponge (normal sponges work also but it is much easier to cut the shape from a compressed sponge).

2. Place the sponge in water.

3. Squeeze out any excess water.

4. Paint your pattern onto the sponge or push the sponge into paint.

5. Print onto the paper to create your Easter egg patterns.

Butterfly Sponge Art

All you need to do is tie an elastic band in the middle of a sponge and either press into the paint or paint a pattern directly onto the sponge. You can then create amazing butterfly prints!

Fingerprint Chicks

These are so simple and fun.

Use paint to create lots of chicks all over the paper. Once dry use felt tips to add the chicks’ features! As simple as that and the perfect activity for Easter. 

There are so many skills and areas of learning that will be supported and developed while creating these Easter crafts, including:

  • Cognitive development when comparing, predicting, planning and problem-solving.
  • Fine and gross motor development when painting.
  • Language development when talking about their artwork.
  • Social and emotional development (sharing, relaxing, concentrating, self-esteem
  • Listening skills when following instructions 
  • Creative development