Playful Porter (@playful_porter) has created some wonderful art and craft pieces to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Be inspired by these step-by-step guides. 

Union Jack Tissue Paper Craft  

Creating a Union Jack tissue paper craft makes for a great decoration around the Jubilee! It’s a fantastic fine motor activity for individual crafting or group work.  

  • For younger children, an adult will need to provide the Union Jack outline template by either drawing it out onto a card or printing one.  
  • Once the children have been provided with red, blue and white tissue paper, the children can look at a picture of the flag to decide where each colour needs to go. 
  • Each colour of paper can be ripped into approx. 5cm and then scrunched up into little balls before being stuck down onto the card using PVA glue!  

Cardboard Tube Queen 

Have fun celebrating this Jubilee period by making a cardboard tube queen craft!  

  • Cut the cardboard tube to a size of your choice.  
  • Using various craft materials including paper, glitter paints, tinsel pipe cleaners and cardboard crowns stick onto the tube hair and clothing to create a queen!  
  • Use googles eyes and a pen to complete the face and some gemstones to add a royal touch!  

Once dry the children will love to use the queen as a puppet in role-play activities!  

Why not add other members of the royal family too? Maybe even a corgi?! 

Cardboard Crowns  

You can get yourself a pack of cardboard, silver and gold crowns from Consortium to decorate.  

Once layered in gemstones, glitter and all other craft materials children wish to decorate with; you can tape or staple the crowns to fit their heads! Now let the imagination take them to royal heights.  

Feeling like making a more imperial crown? Easy!  

  • Cut some strips of card. Measure one strip to fit onto the child’s head and tape/staple to fasten.  
  • Using the remaining strips (3 long or 6 short) attached them equally around the headband joining them in the middle. 
  • Fill the centre with royal red tissue paper and stick the centre of the strips to the tissue paper creating a dip in the centre. 
  • Make a ‘cross’ and stick it in the middle!  
  • Now it’s time to decorate the crown fit for a King or Queen!  

Giant Stamps  

These giant stamps make great decorations, sun-catchers or if you make lots, fabulous bunting!  

They are super simple to create and lots of fun!  

  • Simply cut out the silhouette of the Queen’s head (side profile) leaving you with a stencil.  
  • Tape onto the coloured card and using a sponge or a pom-pom and peg, dab white paint all over. 
  • Once dry, peel off the tape and stencil to reveal your own homemade stamp!  
  • Add a white border trim for extra effect!  
  • Once finished with the stencil, stick the stencil onto Consortium’s coloured clear wrap to create beautiful sun catchers!  

Jubilee Fireworks Display  

Children love fireworks so why not make your own one that you can keep whilst celebrating the Jubilee this June!  

Starting on black card, create fireworks using tinsel pipe cleaners, Pom Poms and glitter paints. 

Add a scene of the London skyline or even Buckingham Palace! Perhaps stick your firework scene to the wall and use building blocks to create a city scene in front where your small world characters can watch the show!