I have really enjoyed the school holidays but I am ready and excited to start back to school in my new year group. I am excited to see my friends and catch up about all of our adventures over the summer. I have lots of stories to tell. Sometimes after not seeing my friends for so long it can feel a little bit awkward when we first get together. It would make it easier if we started the first day with games and stories about our time off so we break the ice with each other. 

I really love to learn and I’m excited to face new challenges with my work now that I am going to be in year five. I do worry sometimes that I might not understand everything but I do feel comfortable asking my teacher if I need something to be explained in more detail. 

Going back to school after having such a long time off is always a struggle as I am out of my usual sleeping routine but my mum is going to make me get up earlier next week so I am ready to start back the week after. I really hope that I am not given any home work when I first go back because I think it would be better to let us settle back into school first before giving us any extra work to do at home. I’m sure that after a week or two back it will be like I was never away at all. 

Thanks for reading 🙂

Heidi on her first day back to school this year.