Optical illusion Halloween

This Halloween cat optical illusion is easy for KS2 children to make using our downloadable printable. Not only is this a fun art activity for Halloween but also a good opportunity to demonstrate how the brain can create its own version of reality by interpreting things in different ways.

  1. To make this optical illusion, download and print our Halloween cat printable and print it to A4 in colour.Halloween printables
  2. Carefully cut around the edges of the shape.
  3. Use the guide to fold along the dotted lines and glue the optical illusion model together.
  4. Place the model in a surface, stand back and move from side to side to see how the model appears convex even though it is concave. The cats eyes will also follow you as you move.

Halloween craft KS2

Optical Illusions and Art

This craft activity can be a good introduction to optical illusions. Further examples of optical illusions can be found here. Artists often use optical illusions to trick the brain into thinking that objects are 3D. Trompe-l’œil (meaning deceive the eye in French) is the name given to this type of art . Children can create their own optical illusion art or use photography to change perspectives and create illusions e.g try changing distance and orientation of people and objects when taking a photograph.

The Science

You can find out more about optical illusions in this article The neuroscience of Illusion

What fun activities will you be doing in your classroom this Halloween?

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